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  • CNP causes an electric shock on your plant after spraying. All negative influences on the plant will be eliminated.

  • CNP contains electrically charged mineral molecules that cause this shock.

  • CNP is completely natural and contains no chemicals. Not harmful to humans or animals.

  • Ingredients: Water, emulsifier, statically charged minerals (Calcium & Magnesium).


1. Shake the CNP bottle before use (with the cap facing downwards).
2. Add CNP (60ml) in your spray tank.
3. Fill your spray tank up with 4 Liters of water.
4. Shake your spray tank for 30 seconds.
5. Start spraying your plants.

Extra info:
Do not spray your plants when the lights are on.
Spray the top and bottom of the leaves, and the stem and the top of the substrate for
maximum result.


Do not use CNP more than once a week.

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